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SWEET BEE - Handmade Shea Soap - 4 oz. - cold processed


How to describe this sweet treat of a soap - it's a soft, clean honey-floral with notes of peach, apple and toffee. Smells amazing!! Not only will it leave your skin heavenly scented, but you will experience a clean like no commercial soap can offer, without phosphates, sulfates or harsh detergents. Rinses clean, too! Thats the beauty of cold processed soaps. Good for your skin AND the environment.

As with all my soaps, these were made in small batches from scratch with olive oil, coconut oil, sustainably farmed palm oil, soy oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil and, in this case, a premium cosmetic grade fragrance oil (2%). It is all combined with purified water and sodium hydroxide (lye) which begins the saponifying process - no true soap without lye! Not to worry, there is NO active lye left in the finished product. Four to six weeks later, a wonderful, wondrous cleanser for your showering enjoyment.

Your soap will come wrapped in a 100% post consumer recycled paper wrapped with a raffia ribbon.

Canada Post charges almost as much to ship one bar as four, so buy buy in multiples and save!! Check out my listing for 4 bars w/ discounted shipping.

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