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LAVENDER - Handmade Shea Soap - 4 oz. - all natural cold processed


Herbalists regard lavender as the essential oil most associated with the healing of skin. Therapists use it for it's antiseptic and analgesic properties while it is preferred by aromatherapists for it's unparalleled soothing scent. While there are several types of lavender from different regions, French lavender is preferred for it's balance of floral and herbal fragrance notes. This 100% natural bar is infused with a decadent helping of pure French lavender essential oil.

My soaps are made the cold process way with all vegetable oils and emollient butters including olive oil and shea butter. This produces a superior product to commercially produced "beauty bars" many of which use detergent as a cleaning agent, additional chemicals for lathering and inferior mineral oil for conditioning. No wonder they only cost a buck a bar!

Cold processed soaps are free of detergents, phosphates, sulphates and are 100% biodegradable. They clean your skin gently and effectively without leaving a film. Do something good for your skin and the earth. It's an affordable luxury you'll soon wonder how you ever lived without.

Your bar will come wrapped with product info and raffia ribbon.

Buy in multiples and save! Canada post charges almost as much to ship one bar as four. Check out my listing for four bars and save on shipping :)

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