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Soap Utopia soap is honest to goodness cold processed soap made from scratch with wholesome, raw ingredients.  Every blissful bar is a pure product made from 100% biodegradable olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil (from a sustainable source), soy oil, shea butter, castor bean oil and other natural and beneficial ingredients.  

A traditional method of soapmaking is used which involves 5-6 weeks of curing time on wooden shelves before being released to do their sudsy duty.  The luscious lathers GENTLY clean and condition skin without stripping it of it's natural oils and without leaving a residue on your skin OR the earth.   If you currently use a commercial bar or wash (even for sensitive skin) you will be pleasantly surprised.   It's an affordable luxury you'll soon wonder how you've done without!   

I use essential oils as well as phthalate-free fragrance oils. These ingredients are added at the end of the soapmaking process and comprise 1-2% of the finished product.  Cold processed soaps are blissfully free of added harsh detergents, phosphates, and sulfates - commercially produced bars can't claim that!        


I strive to be environmentally friendly so all packaging is post consumer recycled paper.