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 Welcome to SOAP UTOPIA honest to goodness handmade soap!

My love affair with soap began over 30 years ago as a young adult living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I attended local fairs and farmers markets to stock up on this wondrous handmade product.  Not only did the soaps there look and feel worlds apart from the flaky, formed bars found in most supermarkets and drugstores but they made my skin feel healthier and, well, more natural!  The farmers who made them and their honest live-off-the-land lifestyles continue to be an inspiration. 

What a gift it was when I finally learned the method of making these bars of goodness.  Many batches later, where i now make my home in Oakville, Ontario, and with help from my lovely family and friends as testers (no testing on our four legged furry friends), a recipe was perfected which produces a rich, long lasting bubbly bar that cleans and conditions skin without stripping it of precious natural oils or leaving a film. 

They may cost a bit more than commercially produced "soap" but why suffocate our skin and assault the earth with synthetic detergents and chemicals to save a few bucks??   Not only are they 100% biodegradable and free of harsh detergents, phosphates and sulfates, but there is way less packaging than liquids or gels that need to be dispensed from plastic.  It's a win/win for your skin AND the earth.  

As a soapmaker,  the entire process is deeply fulfilling and satisfying from pouring and mixing the oils to feeling the heft and texture of a finished bar in my hands.  There is something deeply fulfilling about living close and in harmony with nature.  Connecting with the earth including the use of handmade natural products is SOUL satisfying  =)