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MUSKOKA BOATHOUSE - Handmade Shea Soap - 4 oz. - cold processed


Sumptuous and soothing woodsy scents of cedar and sandalwood with a dash of spice. Loved by both men and women alike, this bar is a best seller I can't make enough of.

As with all my other bars these were cold processed in small batches using premium skin loving oils and butters of olive, coconut, palm (sustainable), soy and shea. Naturally 100% biodegradable and free of detergents, phosphates and sulphates for the love of your skin and the earth.

Muskoka is a magical, wilderness area in Northern Ontario with countless sparkling lakes, pounding waterfalls, towering pines, and the majestic granite cliffs of the Canadian Shield. It's a favorite escape for those of us lucky enough to live nearby. Imagine a hammock, giant cedars, and nothing else :)