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EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE - Handmade Shea Soap - 4 0z. - all natural cold process


This amazing bar of cold process soap contains Australian tea tree oil and invigorating eucalyptus. Tea tree has a fresh, astringent, slightly medicinal scent and is used as a powerful immune stimulant as well as to combat oily skin and acne. We've pulled out all the stops and also fortified this amazing bar with the remarkable powers of activated bamboo charcoal for that extra dimension of clean!

About activated bamboo charcoal:

* anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

* internally used in powder form as detox agent to treat poisonings, drug overdoses, bowel diseases, indigestion and heartburn to name few.

* used externally in poultices and compresses for relief of skin irritations and pain.

* Added to soap it acts as a skin purifier by attracting toxins like a magnet - relief for insect bites and rashes, as well as controlling acne and eczema. Use in the kitchen for ridding hands of food smells and in the shower for an extra dimension of clean!

These 100% all natural bars are lovingly made from scratch with olive oil, sustainably farmed palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor bean oil, food grade activated bamboo charcoal, and essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus. The lather is ultra-rich and creamy and naturally free of added detergents, phosphates, sulfates and synthetic color.

This listing is for one bar. Please check out 4 bar listing for a discount in shipping!