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VANILLA - Handmade Shea Soap - 4 oz. - cold process


These botanical bars of goodness are lovingly handmade from scratch by me using a traditional method of soapmaking. This produces a superior product to commercial bars many of which are many times made up of compressed detergents, sulfates (for lather) and mineral oil. Each oil I use serves a purpose and the ratios are carefully calculated for optimum lathering, cleaning and conditioning. They do their job mildly and GENTLY while also providing an all important aromatherapy experience!

I use fair trade oils and emollients including olive, palm (from a sustainable source), coconut and copious amounts of shea butter. Using a soap that's 100% biodegradable is a good move for your skin and the environment!

This luscious loaf is infused with a sweet, dreamy vanilla with a hint of chocolate. The bars are a naturally brown color due to the high vanilla content.

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