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BABY ME - Handmade Shea Soap - Ultra Mild / No Added Scent - 3.5 oz. - cold processed


I typically formulate my bars to offer the optimal in cleaning AND conditioning which involves a blending of carefully calculated ratios of different oils with different properties. What makes these luscious bars ultra-mild is the additional olive oil in it - totaling over 75% with the rest made up of coconut and palm oils. This ensures a gentle yet cleansing soap with a slightly more bubbly, lotion-like lather than a classic castile (pure olive oil) soap. Suitable for babies, faces and the super-sensitive. Keep away from eyes, though. All true soap no matter how mild for skin will still sting eyes!

As with all my soaps, these were lovingly handmade from scratch with premium fair trade ingredients.

Ultra-mild formula does not contain any added scent - just the natural wholesome scent of pure soap with oats & honey.

Buy in multiples and save. Check out listing for 4 bars (any combo) and receive $6 flat rate shipping.