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10 Bars of Handmade Soap - FREE shipping in Canada


You will receive:

10 - luscious handmade shea soaps (your choice)

It seems most people appreciate a natural, handmade soap, but its use is still somehow considered a novelty. Consider that it is something we slather onto ourselves everyday and that our skin is our body's largest organ, doesn't it deserve the best? The vast majority of "beauty bars" are made of compressed synthetic detergent, tallow, and mineral oil. No wonder they only cost a buck a piece. Why oh why treat your skin that way?

People who use traditional handmade soap know what I'm talking about. Keep all the soap for yourself or share nicely ;)

About the soap:
I lovingly create my soaps from scratch the cold process way - never any pre-made bases or melt & pour. Skin loving, wholesome ingredients, the majority of which include olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are chosen for their individual properties that contribute to healthy skin cleansing and conditioning. Every bar contains the perfect combination of oils and emollients to clean and condition skin without leaving a residue on your skin OR the environment. They are lusciously fragranced with either essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils. Mild and gentle and free of harsh detergents, phosphates and sulfates. 100% biodegradable goodness for the love of your skin and the earth!

currently available:
- almond
- coconut lime
- eucalyptus/tea tree (w/bamboo charcoal)
- French pear
- cucumber + green tea
- jasmine
- lavender (infuse w/French lavender essential oil)
- Muskoka boathouse (spiced cedarwood/sandalwood blend)
- oatmeal, milk & honey (comfort scent of sweet cooked oats)
- orange clove
- peaceful patchouli (accented with the sweetness of orange)
- pomegranate (lush & fruity) (SOLD OUT)
- rosemary mint
- sweet bee (luscious honey/toffee floral)
- vanilla (sweet caramel notes with a powdery finish)
- eucalyptus & tea tree w/ bamboo charcoal

*NOTE: I will email with confirmation at which time you will be asked to provide choices for soaps - thanks!! Questions? Please ask!